Our Story “The Apple Barn Winery Pigeon Forge”

Apple Barn Winery Pigeon Forge

The Apple Barn  Pigeon Forge Winery – complex began as a barn which was built in 1910; however, the first apple trees were not planted until 1976!  Since 1976 many planting methods for the apples have been tried, the most recent consisting of a trellis system.  The trellis system is very similar to what a vineyard typically uses to grow grapes.  This new approach to the apple orchard will allow us to increase our production without covering more area.  Thus, allowing us to maintain the appearance of a hometown farm. Our winery was an expansion built onto the complex late in 1994.  Since opening our doors, we have won numerous Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals at various wine competitions including some international competitions. We proudly display our medals and ribbons so be sure to check them out when you stop in!  In early 2013 we completed an interior renovation of the winery, so everything is new, fresh, and exciting.  Just the way we like it!